Interview: Chad Engle

Chad Engle is a designer, writer and part of the team at Fuel Your Creativity.

What is your background?

I have  BFA in Graphic Design from Marshall University. I’ve done various freelance projects as well as worked in a medium scale advertising agency.

How did you start with the Fuel network?

I came along about a year ago to the Fuel network. Adelle Charles started Fuel Your Creativity out of her own willingness to share her love for creative work and findings. Fuel then grew into the many faceted blogs you see today.

What were your goals when you started?

When I started blogging for Fuel Your Creativity I have always tried to share basic skills and great work. Quality over quantity is something that I think people should address in the blog world now. With there being so many design blogs we all need to hold each other accountable for a higher standards. Everyday there are new designers and new creatives emerging into the world and they need quality resources to pick up and learn from and it doesn’t hurt the rest of us to be challenged or brush up on our skillset either.

Can you explain the importance of a designers ability to use writing as a form of communication?

It’s very important for designers to write and give back their knowledge to the community. Without writing all the experience of designers and creatives would not be able to be shared and then consumed by other designers. It’s a very vital skill that allows others to share, reflect and critique their process and their end result.

I feel like there is a renewed interest in designers writing. What do you attribute that to?

I’ve always said that designers do. If we want to make a site about something we make it. We don’t have to contact others to get something done we just do it. I feel that same mentality carries over with designers writing and carrying on conversations with each other. I also think this plays into social media and everyone having rampant access to the internet. Designers by trade and pretty geeky especially with our software and always having to have the newest and hottest gadget. We like to share and bounce ideas off of each other and this is just an outlet for that communication.

What makes something “blog worthy?”

I think if one person learns or becomes inspired from something I do its “blog worthy”. I know that’s some sort of cheesy cliche but, it’s true. If I can educate one person through a well thought out post then I have given back to the community and helped others learn. If we don’t share tips of the trade we as a whole will never progress.

What were some of the unexpected challenges in launching Fuel, and bringing it to this level?

I think some of the hardest factors are coordinating a network on this large of a scale. Where I have been around for a year and switched blogs (I started over at FuelYourApps) I have seen the inner workings and how coordinating posts and sharing through various social media outlets has come forth. It’s something that is rewarding for the group as a whole and makes it worth it when a post is well received.

What’s next for the Fuel network?

Adelle Charles & Josh Smibert can answer that one to the fullest potential however, I will say that there are some big things coming and they will be very, very exciting.

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