Interview: Job Wouters

Job Wouters is a freelance designer specializing in analog process and typography.

What is your design background?

Drawing every day with my best friend Yvo Sprey > Graffiti on the streets >  Type design at the Royal Academy > Graphic design at the Rietveld academy > Working at Unit cma > Sharing a studio with my brother > Working independently (present).

What is it about letter forms and type design that attracts you?

I like the enormous variety of faces type can have and the therefore enormous variety of expressions it can communicate.

You work a lot with hand done techniques, what is your process?

I have two tables. Table 1. is the analog table with the usual analog tools, and table 2. is the digital table with the usual digital tools.
I start at table 1. and finish at table 2.

What type of techniques do you use to produce your work?

Table 1. : Markers, pencils, brushes, paint, ink etc.
Table 2. : Photoshop, iTunes, Illustrator (hardly) Indesign

How do you find your balance of digital and analog work?

I prefer table 1. Although searching for the right color combination’s in Indesign for example is also a pleasure.

Who influences your work?

My friends, some designers I don’t know personally or who have died, my former teachers and my brother. Mostly friends I would say. For example Yvo Sprey, Zedz, Hansje van Halem, Michiel Schuurman or Gijs Frieling.

What outside of the design world influences you?

Reading literature. Nature. The city. Comics. Graffiti. Well, lots of things.

Can you share a design experience (good or bad) that you learned something from?

I once had the greatest editorial ever for the New York Times. It was really quite something. A whole page illustration for the famous weekend-edition before the (Obama) elections. And I blew it at the last stage, since I refused to change some colors. I thought I was right at the time. I know I was very wrong now. I learned that being strict and protective of your work is good, but it certainly has its borders.

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