ZOOM Basle Film Festival & Film Prize 2010

This Basle Film Festival Identity Developed by Andres Hidler (of Accent Graphe) and photographed by Laurent Rueff is one of the more unique and interesting identities I have seen in a while. One of the interesting aspects aside from different applications via projectors is the fact that in person some of the ‘ghost effects’ are not visible because they only exist for such a short time.

“No Photoshop in these Images. All Photographs are “analog” projections. We took an old Nikon FA, removed the back of it and inserted (instead of undeveloped film) a already developed slide film with our artwork. With a mobile flash behind the camera, the shutter open (B-Mode) and the mirror up that installation gave us … YES! A mobile slide projector! You simply need a second camera (this one may be digital, of course…) connected to the flash behind the “projector” camera and you get interesting “ghost” projections. The funny thing is, nobody sees the projection, since it only lasts for milliseconds.”


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