Monthly review, Vol. XIII


29 Things Young Designers Need to Know

Doug Bartow and his colleagues at id29 share twenty-nine things they think all new designers need to know (and aren’t always taught in design school). Originally featured in HOW magazine, it is now available as a limited-edition poster.

Special guest drop caps

Jessica Hische invites 26 special guests to complete the twelfth and final alphabet for Daily Drop Cap.

The Phraseology Project

Submit a letter, word, or phrase and Drew Melton makes it beautiful with custom type.

Typography Deconstructed

A comprehensive guide to the anatomy of type (in poster form).

Know your type: Myriad

Flat. Generic. Invisible. Myriad is the latest in our ‘Know your type’ series.

Pencil for the purist

A #2 pencil that speaks its mind, available on Etsy.

Film titles at their best

Watch the 50 greatest opening title sequences of all time, according to IFC. Related: Now and then: How film titles have evolved.

The Oscar goes to…

Did you catch the newly redesigned envelope this year at the Oscars?

Kickstarting Urbanized

To fund his latest film, Gary Hustwit turns to Kickstarter.

Cooper Black at the Grammys

Michael Carney wins a Grammy for best package design with Brothers.

Audible inspiration

Designers.MX is a growing collection of online mixtapes from designers.

The 2010 Feltron Annual Report

Designer Nicholas Felton unveiles his latest annual report, encapsulating the life of his father.

From the desk of…

Andrew Byrom turns his old desk into new business cards.

Scrabble: designer edition

Andrew Clifford Capener reimagines the board game for typophiles.

24-hour typeface

The Lost Type Co-op announce Munchie, a typeface made in 24 hrs.

Following love

Designer Marian Bantjes chooses to follow love over money.

Totalitarian graphic standards

Steven Heller hunts down a Nazi graphics standards manual.

No words needed

Seth Godin on why there are no words on the cover of his new book.

Back to the future

Photographer Irina Werning has her subjects reenact classic photos.

Best designed newspaper

Portugal’s i wins the title from Society of News Design.

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