Greg Mathews: How to DIY Emboss

Tools: Paper, Empty Mechanical Pencil, Thin Cardboard (Girl Scout cookie box).

1.) The first step to embossing is to draw something that you like! I found this cool G to try out my embossing technique with so I drew that! 2.) Now get a thin piece of cardboard. I found my piece of cardboard inside a Hello Panda box. Girl Scout cookie boxes also work well! 3.) Next, draw what you want to emboss onto your cardboard.     4.) Now, take a razor blade and cut out what you just drew!     5.) Flip the cardboard over so that the letter is backwards     6.) Place your paper on top of your cardboard. Flip the paper over so that you are looking at the back of the paper. 7.) Find something which you can use to emboss and not make marks on the paper. I used an empty mechanical pencil and that worked really well.     8.) Trace the outline of your stencil, you do not need to push on the middle (This is important to make a clean emboss).     9.) Flip over your paper and you are all done with your custom emboss work!    

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