Eye Museum Amsterdam


I was recently in Amsterdam on vacation and was told I needed to go to the new Eye Museum. It wasn’t hard to find as it is a giant unique structure that breaks up the monotony of the surrounding architecture. The museum is a 5 minute boat ride away (free) which is amazing in it’s own right — because nothing like that in Los Angeles would be free or efficient.


I was traveling with my interior designer girlfriend, as well as my sisters, another of whom is an interior designer. I know. We had to walk the space and check everything out because it was so interesting. Their cafe downstairs is designed almost like an amphitheater with two walls made of glass and the opposing side made up of wooden stairs.

They had just finished up an exhibition of Stanley Kubrick, which I would have loved to have seen. They were setting up the next event and it wasn’t yet open, but they do have a free permanent exhibit downstairs from the entrance. We checked it out and saw


First up was the flipbook machine. We instantly created a hilarious flipbook that we purchased for 5 euros in the shop. I actually lost my flipbook on the way back to the states, and I emailed the museum — and they were nice enough to find it, print it and send me another copy along with a handwritten note! Thanks so much Birte! The previous flipbooks display on the screen as short movies. That was good for 5-10 minutes of laughter.

Next up was a projector that interacted with motion, splashing digital color on the walls as you walked by and waved.


There were movie pods that looked like some sort of ride, but they seemed to be film trivia, and everyone in them had such a good time, we couldn’t wait long enough to get in one.


Finally, there was a film room with wall to wall film footage and a few stations that allowed you to interact with what was on the screens. Each of them seemed to have a theme that focused on important moments in film history.




Definitely check this museum out next time you are in Amsterdam. The gift shop also had many great things for film buffs, but I was backpacking and couldn’t carry much. If that’s you — at least pick up a flipbook :)

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