Which Ecommerce Platform Is Right For Me?

For today’s infographic, we have some info on the world of ecommerce. What is ecommerce you say? Well, essentially it’s the method by which you choose to sell your junk on the internet (aside from ebay and craigslist). ...

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ZeroLag: Photoshop CS6 Shortcuts

Because there hasn't been a time where we think, "There has to be an easier way to do this," when using Photoshop. This super helpful graphic  has all the shortcuts for things you did ...

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Mike Giles: DIY Bluetooth Speaker Kit

Mike Giles founder of Furni has come up with yet another awesome addition to the shop: a DIY Bluetooth Speaker kit. Giles commissioned six artists to create their own speakers to showcase the product....

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Mezentsev & Suhih: The E-inkey Keyboard Concept

Remembering shortcuts for all of your applications is fairly tough. This keyboard concept designed by Maxim Mezentsev & Aleksander Suhih solves that issue. The keyboard keys would show custom buttons for each program that you use (Photoshop, Illustrator, Indesign, etc). Potentially ...

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Greg Mathews: How to DIY Emboss

Tools: Paper, Empty Mechanical Pencil, Thin Cardboard (Girl Scout cookie box). 1.) The first step to embossing is to draw something that you like! I found this cool G to try out my embossing technique with so I drew that! 2.) Now get a thin piece of cardboard. I found my piece ...

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Popular Lies About Graphic Design

Designer Craig Ward (who I’ve previously posted about here and here) has written a new book entitled, Popular Lies About Graphic Design. Craig describes the book’s subject matter as such: Drawing on my ten years experience, it tackles lighter subjects such as ...

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The Elements of F*cking Style

Typically when sending a text, Tweet or Facebook post, correct grammar takes the backseat to witty punctuation or uber-abbreviation. We may be devolving into "chatspeak," but as the foundation of any language, grammar remains an essential tool even in the digital age. Bringing life to such a humdrum subject...

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Crowdsourcing: Sabotaging Our Value

Does it make sense to walk into a restaurant, ask the chef to make you three entrees, eat ...

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AIGA/AQUENT Design Related Salaries 2010

The following is a survey of design related jobs and their compensation broken down by region. An interesting read if you ever wondered what range of salary you could/should be getting, or if you wonder what so and so might make....

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Mike Monteiro: Fuck You. Pay Me.

"Starting work without a contract is like putting on a condom after taking a home pregnancy test."

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Anatomy of the Perfect Landing Page

The Anatomy of the Perfect Landing Page shows the top 10 things you should have on a landing page, including what different colors typically convey and other useful information.

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How we say thanks

Our industry can seem pretty negative. There are many reasons for this. There is subjectivity in our work. Big egos and temperamental personalities flourish in the arts. Criticism comes with the job, too. It helps us to evaluate honestly, progress and...

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Automatic Wireframe Tool

Orlando showed me this cool application that allows you to turn any website into a wireframe. Could be interesting to reverse engineer a website or for research purposes. It is very easy to use, a video detailing the process is below.

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iPhone 4 GUI Template

Because I have been designing apps for the past 6-8 months, I wanted to pass on this invaluable resource provided by www.teehanlax.com. It is essentially all of the system UI elements for iPhone 4 in a massive layered psd at ...

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960 Grid System

A grid template for web designers. Why is this not law?

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Ghetto Tutorial: Signatures

We are aware of the poor design student stereotype, so here is an informal guide to printing a multi-page document the cheap way. This is a short list of guidelines for producing a production-quality book or brochure with a typical tabloid sized laser printer. It includes file preparation, double-sided registration ...

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Love, Time & Money

Deciding whether or not to take a project can be difficult. Every project should give the designer two of these three things: Love: The designer loves the project. It's fun, they are passionate about, it simply is enjoyable. Time: The designer has a ...

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