Vol. 79 | No. 51

Not terribly design related but this is quite awesome to look at: NeverWet is a coating that you can apply to anything from t-shirts to iPhones and it will repel anything remotely liquid or oozy....

Vol. 79 | No. 50

The 50 States of Europe poster by Richard Kegler overlaps the "Land masses of European countries in relation to approximate North American State Equivalents". In letterpress....

Introducing the Luxe Family by MOO

This morning MOO is launching The Luxe Family, a suite of high quality printed products geared especially towards those running small businesses. Two new products now accompany the original Luxe Business Cards—the Luxe MiniCards and Luxe Notecards. All products in the Luxe family are printed on Mohawk Superfine paper at triple the ...

Night Stroll

Night Stroll est le nom de cette vidéo imaginée par Tao Tajima, tournant différents plans de la capitale japonaise de nuit avant d’ajouter en post-production l’apparition de diverses formes géométriques lumineuses.

Your Dream Summer Party Pinterest Contest: Winners!

Hands down, one of the best things about being part of the Design*Sponge team is all of the absolutely amazing inspiration that we get to sift through, all day, everyday. It comes to us from the unstoppable design community, the incredible submissions we receive and now from you, our readers, through Facebook, ...

Inside The Studio: Creature

While up in Seattle, I stopped in to visit our friends at Creature, a global ground of thinkers, makers and "creators of things". Creature is a...Click to read more... »           

Am Steinberg

A little hotel located in Röthenbach an der Pegnitz (Germany).

A Unique Vision

by Catherine LepageCanadian illustrator Catherine Lepage stays focused on her own personal style.

Linked: KFC Eleven Concept

KFC is testing a new concept restaurant in Louisville that will sell "Flatbreads, sandwiches, salads and rice bowls." (Image source)....

Volume, Inc. retrospective at the Western Gallery

When San Francisco design studio Volume, Inc. was tasked with creating a retrospective of its work for the "Masters of Design" series at the Western Gallery in Bellingham, Washington, the team focused on capturing the engaging and experiential essence ...

Webpick of the Day – Carrera

Carrera's racing heritage forms the backdrop for the brand's collection of fashion eyewear. Bold graphics and video features situate the brand's current designs within the context of the company's history and development.Credits: www.wkamst.com | www....

Noted: New Logo for Bingham Cup 2014 by Coast Design

(Est. 2012) "Mark Bingham was one of a group of passengers who took amazing measures to fight, and eventually overcome, highjackers on 11 September 2001, which led to the crashing of United Airlines flight 93 in a vacant field in Pennsylvania instead of targets in...

Reviewed: New Logo for Fidelidade by Ivity Brand Corp

Established in 1808 and 1835 respectively Fidelidade Mundial and Império Bonança have merged under the name Fidelidade to establish the leading life and non-life insurance provider in Portugal. Introduced in late June, the new identity has been designed by Lisboa-based Ivity Brand Corp....

Anders Petter/ Cervera

"Identity and packaging concept for the company Cervera´s own brand, Anders Petter. Cervera is Sweden´s largest retail company within...Click to read more... »           

The Graduates 2013: Come with us into Matthew Hill’s madcap mind

Kingston’s graphic design course have done it once again with our next Graduate 2013, Matthew Hill. He’s a designer more than willing to clamber outside of the box and get his hands dirty coming up with new and innovative design solution...

Photography: Till Janz is forging a remarkable career in portrait photography

A few years back, Till Janz was in the year below me at Camberwell College of Art, although I only found this out today. I’ve known his work for some time but never linked the name to one I used to hear round and about at university. Since ...

Bookshelf: Luke Evans reveals a penchant for chocolate and high fashion

Although he’s still a student (with a whole year left until graduation no less) Luke Evans has produced one of the most innovative and engaging photographic projects we’ve featured on the site this year. Forge was an enigmatic series of ...


Followed by the refresh of the Gramp’s range of premium wines, _Co Partnership were briefed to design the 50 year old Museum Tawny, the jewel...Click to read more... »           

“Cool City, Bro” T-Shirt Giveaway

Justin Longoz wants everyone to know Vancouver is shaped like a giant thumbs up (it actually is). He made these shirts to raise money for Megaphone Magazine, Vancouver’s non-profit street paper based in the Downtown Eastside. Megaphone is sold on the street by homeless and low-income Vancouverites, giving them a voice ...

Kinetic Lifeforms Created by U-Ram Choe

U-Ram Choe est un artiste basé à Séoul qui crée ces sculptures mécaniques qui bougent doucement et en silence comme des êtres vivants grâce à des mécanismes complexes.

DSVC 2012 Show Materials

It can be hard to pull off a combination of printing techniques successfully, and I am not only talking about the logistics here. Visually they need to work together like these materials for the 2012 DSVC show....

Celebrate Health

"Charlie Goldsmith is a part-owner of Celebrate Health, an innovative food business which is made for people with food allergies and intolerances, as...Click to read more... »           

Super strong layout work from Meiré und Meiré.

Super strong layout work from Meiré und Meiré.

Jimmy Marble & Amanda Jasnowski

“Georgia & Marianna’s Blue Period”, photos by Jimmy Marble and Amanda Jasnowski. Brooklyn, New York. More below!View the whole post: Jimmy Marble & Amanda Jasnowski over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Film: Shit Girls Say creator Graydon Sheppard back with new dog-based series

Remember Shit Girls Say – the stomach-ache-inducingly funny web series which descended on the internet and then proceeded to stick around until it had been parodied, quoted, embedded and giggled at by every blogger in cyberspace? Well the man bene...


"Daneson makes small batch flavoured toothpicks. We only use premium natural ingredients like essential oils and single malt scotch. These oils give...Click to read more... »           

Insanely Cool Invention of the Day: Dynamic Target Tracking Camera

The future is CRAZY. Ishikawa Oku Lab, at the University of Tokyo, is developing a stationary observation system for high-speed flying objects. In plain English, they’re making an incredible camera that is able to track objects using a series of mirrors! I’m kinda dreading seeing this effect in every music video ...

Graphic Design: New Unit Editions book celebrates type as graphic solution

Any new release from Unit Editions (Tony Brook and Adrian Shaughnessy’s design publishing powerhouse) is always cause for celebration here at It’s Nice That towers, but their newest offering has got us particularly excited. Type Only do...

Lukasz Wierzbowski

Photos by Lukasz Wierzbowski. View the whole post: Lukasz Wierzbowski over on BOOOOOOOM!.

Adrian Shaughnessy: Scratching the Surface

Continuing with Unit Editions thoughtfully curated collection of design related titles comes, Scratching the Surface, a selection of writings by Adrian Shaughnessy. Over the past 18 years, Adrian has contributed significantly to the ongoing discourse centered around graphic design. His highly successful How to be a Graphic Designer Without ...

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